Long Weekend for Christmas in Ouray, Colorado

Downtown Ouray, Colorado

I wanted to scratch a few things off my winter bucket list before leaving Colorado and going back to Florida—so my friend Kristen and I made a trip to Ouray, Colorado for snowboarding, ice skating, and more!

Our original plan was to do ALL of the activities in Ouray, but the lack of snow said otherwise. We were there from December 14th through the 18th and normally they have enough snow by then, but not this year. So, we ended up visiting Telluride, Silverton, and some other places instead.

Exploring Ouray

Box Canyon Falls, frozen and perfect for ice climbing (so I’m told)
The town of Ouray from the lookout point

Overall, Ouray is a really cute town, with amazing views in every direction. The town itself is tiny, but there are tons of places to shop, hang out, and eat.

Not to mention, Ouray is only about an hour from Telluride and Silverton, and 15 minutes from Ridgway, making it perfect for day trips too!

Picturesque Cabin Life

We stayed for 4 nights at Ouray Riverside Resort, which was amazing.

Our cabin had all of the basic necessities, with a separate bathroom and shower area, hot tubs, and convenience store all in short walking distance.

I was surprised it had a TV and WiFi, which was great because we binged a ton of Christmas movies. 🎄

Inside of our cabin at Ouray Riverside Resort
View from the back / river side of Ouray Riverside Resort

Oscar 🐶 and I really enjoyed walking along the river every morning.

Snowboarding in Silverton

I look a lot happier in these photos than I actually was… 😂 Spent a lot of time on my butt that day. BUT I got to ride a ski lift for the first time!

Ice Skating in Telluride

We took a little mini day trip to Telluride so we could ice skate for the first time! It went much better than snowboarding did 🙃

We also had a faaantastic dinner at Rustico Ristorante.

Basking in the Hot Springs

Ouray Hot Springs

My first time in a hot spring! It was very much needed after all our activities this week. They had three different pools with different temperature levels which was nice. We rotated around after getting too hot/cold.

Driving the Million Dollar Highway

I wish I got more photos of the drive cause it was EPIC (and kinda scary at points)—but I was a little car sick being a passenger. 😅

Anyway, it’s well worth the drive if you have a chance. I have to say it has been my favorite drive within Colorado so far, especially when covered in snow—it becomes a Winter Wonderland. ☃️

Our Journey from Denver ↔ Ouray

Check out my video recap:

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