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Hey! I'm Rachel Zampino.

I design digital identities for my clients, and I teach designers how to build their own websites using WordPress and Elementor.

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Web 101
Rachel Zampino

8 Web Terms You Should Know

Try using these words to better communicate with clients, coworkers, or a developer. They will think you really know your shit…because you do. 😎 1.

Web 101
Rachel Zampino

Quick Type Spacing Tricks Using HTML

How often have you been working on your website, needing a 1/2 space or a 4x space, to position your type juuuust right? 🤔 Never?

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I build purposeful online strategies and bold visuals for companies who are willing to break the mold.

Conjoining both form AND function is the primary objective of my work.

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