You don’t have to panic every time someone asks to see your portfolio. 🤯

Hi, I’m Rachel Zampino! I started a degree in Computer Science before switching to a BFA in Graphic Design. Why? Because I wanted to build websites. Back then (shh, five years might as well be 50 yrs in tech), there was no clear path to building websites. No, “sign up for this degree,” and you’ll learn it all.


Here’s a secret. You don’t have to know everything. You don’t even have to know 99% of it. You need to know just enough to get started. (After that, it’s up to you how far you venture down the rabbit hole.)

💪 You can build your own website. No buts. Yes, you can.

I’m building a course to help you —> Build Your Own Website: From Zero to Launch. ✨

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🔎 Skip the search bar, try these first.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Elementor is a drag & drop page builder that allows you to design and build your own website!

Flywheel is the service that I use to host all of the websites that I build.

Google Workspace is my favorite email platform. It allows you to create custom email addresses (i.e., and also gives you access to Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Forms, and more.

WordPress is the FREE content management system that I use to build all of my websites.

Shift brings all of your email accounts, apps, and workflows together in one streamlined and beautiful platform.

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🎨 REDACTED Stuff I didn’t learn to do in design school.

Here are some pretty and practical things I’ve built.

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