Rachel Zampino

Digital designer, WordPress developer, American citizen living in Prague, Czechia. 

Always on the hunt for knowledge and new experiences. Sharing my thoughts and travels here.

i’m also a human being (sometimes)...

🚺 she/her
🧠 neurodivergent
🥤 iced coffee addict
🐶 pittie dog mom
🥎 dinger hitter
🤓 tech nerd
🏔 digital nomad
♍️ virgo
👽 weirdo
👩🏼‍💻 entrepreneur
🏎 car enthusiast

recent blog posts:

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These things are likely true for other countries as well, but these are purely based on my experience of living in Prague for the last 2 weeks, and learning more

A Story of Czech Resistance in WWII

You may not know that I’m a big WWII nerd—but I am. And despite this, I only recently learned of the badass Czechs who assassinated Reinhard Heydrich, Obergruppenführer (or “senior

My Concert Archive (Updated Regularly)

I was going to make separate posts for each of these, but decided to make it easier on myself. 🤪 I will still probably do separate posts for festivals or

Oscar’s First Flight as a Service Dog

I decided to start documenting Oscar and I’s travel journeys, along with his service dog journey, so that I can personally keep track of our progress but also to share