“Just One More Thing”: a Chat About Neurodivergence 🧠✨ with Brandy Wright & Daulton Grothaus

In this episode, Brandy, Daulton, and Rachel, discuss how discovering they are neurodivergent has impacted their lives. In truly ADHD fashion, this conversation is a bit chaotic. Gold star if you listen all the way through. ⭐️

We also talk about…

  • Ways we have learned to cope and live with our differences
  • The unique challenges for neurodivergent entrepreneurs
  • Learning to not accept “laziness”, failures, guilt, and shame as our personality traits, but as undiagnosed ADHD
  • Why women are typically diagnosed later in life
  • Lots of resources for people who might be questioning if they are neurodivergent (ADHD and/or autism) [see below]

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