How to Be 1% Better Everyday for the Sake of the World 🌍 with De Ingles

In this episode, De and Rachel address the daily overwhelm of trying to be eco-conscious, and present some simple things that we can all do to cut down on waste and quit enabling consumerism.

We also talk about…

  • Eco-friendly item swaps: laundry detergent, toothpaste, dish soap, household cleaning products, and more
  • Living a simpler lifestyle: minimalism, re-purposing, decluttering, and more
  • What greenwashing is and how to decide who to trust and buy products from
  • De’s lifestyle and environment growing up in Illinois and how it impacted her mindset and career
  • How to produce sustainable items and create a sustainable business: packaging, products, papers, shipping, and more
  • Ways to cut down on your own personal waste: not buying certain items or plastics

Listen below on your platform of choice:

Episode Resources & Links:

  • Rootlebox — De’s eco-conscious brand & packaging design studio
  • Wild Routed — De and her husband’s nature-focused clothing brand that gives 10% of its profits back to the National Parks and Forests
  • Printing Resources — List of sustainable materials and printing formats that you can use for your own brand or biz
  • 1% For The Planet — Learn more about companies who are supporting environmental solutions
  • Find a B Corp — Find registered B Corps near you, or learn how to become one
  • EcoVadis — Sustainability assessments and ratings for corporations
  • Follow De on Instagram
  • Follow Rachel on Instagram

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