My 21 Europe Hostel Travel Essentials (LIFE Savers!)

I’m gonna start this post like every other white girl with a travel blog: “So you guys have been asking me a lot about _________…”

Here are the essential items that made my month-long Europe trip slightly less chaotic.

*The images below are linked to each product if you want to purchase or read more about them!

Shower Shoes

Soooooo glad I brought these. None of the hostel showers were gross by any means, but something about walking around barefoot in a public bathroom/shower is just deeply disturbing. Plus they’re nice to have if you want to take a break from your sneakers or boots for a day.

Laundry Detergent Sheets

I did a lot of laundry at hostels throughout my trip. These came in so clutch because they are light and hardly take up any space in your bag. I also have a sensitivity to weird detergents, so it was nice to be able to rely on these. (+ your own favorite dryer sheets)

Portable Charger

For obvious reasons. Don’t be up shit’s creek without a paddle!

Microfiber Towel

I was told to bring one of these because hostels sometimes have shitty towels, or charge for their towels. I personally didn’t experience this, but I did end up using it after Oscar 🐶 decided to jump in a river one day on the trip. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I also needed to use it as a blanket at one point. #alwaysbringatowel

First Aid & Medicines

This first aid kit, headache medicine, Vitamin D, and my prescriptions are what I brought with me. Sounds obvious…BUT, it takes a little forethought to make sure you have enough medications for your entire trip, including the process of getting refills from your doc if necessary.

Door Alarm (and/or extra door lock)

I actually felt safe enough on my whole trip that I brought these, but didn’t use them. Almost kind of a placebo effect haha, but definitely recommend if you want a little extra peace of mind.

Bag Lock(s)

I brought my Macbook with me, as well as a lot of Euros, so I wanted to be safe rather than sorry. Any time I left my room, I just locked my bags up for peace of mind.


Making sure I had snacks with me throughout the trip saved me (and my fellow travelers) from my hanger so many times. For unexpected delays and long days, it’s better to be prepared. I would stock up every time we passed a convenience store, gas station, or “Servo” as my new Australian friends say.

Packing Squares

These not only satisfied my OCD, but also helped me keep stuff organized in my suitcase instead of being a chaotic mess.


On stressful days, listening to some familiar music really helped calm me. Traveling around where you feel out of your element, and don’t speak the language, can get overwhelming some days. It’s nice to turn the world off for a little while.

Noise Maker!

This saved my sanity. Some of the hostels we stayed in were not exactly sound-proofed…and some people like to slam doors and yell in the hallways. Also, if you wanna take a day to sleep in, it’s nearly impossible with the room service ladies doing their thing.


Same comment as the noise maker. Uninterrupted sleep is EVERYTHING.

Power Outlet Adapter

This is a U.S. to European power outlet adapter. Definitely a must for being in Europe with your American phone and laptop chargers, as well as a hair straightener or any other electronics you bring!

Fenty Skin Sample Set

Because washing and moisturizing your face after a long day of travel is one of the best feelings ever. It also helps you to look/feel a little more human on those no-makeup days.

LUSH Soap, Shampoo, and Conditioner Bars

These are all so nice to travel with because they’re so small, and they last forever. Also TSA carry-on compliant!

Lip Balm

Idk about you, but I cannot survive a day, or even a few hours, without this. I had one for every bag/pocket.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

So nice to have in general, but especially in the hostel showers. Hang it up and easily access your shower items without having to set them on the ground, because most didn’t have any shelving.

Mini Wet Brush

My favorite brush of all time, but the mini version. Small and easy to travel with.


I went to Europe in November–December, so a beanie was kind of required for the most part. But it’s also GREAT to have on those bad hair days, or just days when you’re too tired to wash your hair.


Again, for bad/lazy hair days, and also for those very windy days.


Especially in the colder months. I wore these every day of my trip underneath my other layers.

And now for the things I WISH I would’ve brought…

  1. Motion sickness pills—I never get motion sickness, but a very quick and curvy drive in the back of a Sprinter van through the Alps changes a person…(Shoutout Maddie for saving my life)
  2. And even LONGER extra-long phone charging cable—some of the hostels just had terrible room setups, so I couldn’t have my phone/alarm next to me in bed
  3. A medium-sized bag or purse—so I didn’t have to either lug my backpack around, or stuff my pockets with all of my cards, Euros, passport, lip balm, gloves, etc.

I’d also highly recommend brining a travel backpack or some sort of duffle bag situation instead of a suitcase…never doing that again. Cobblestones + rain + traffic + people + a super heavy rolling suitcase = I still have nightmares about it.

And that’s it for my travel tips for today! Stay tuned for more in the next post…

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