👋 Hi, I'm Rachel Zampino!

I’m a designer who builds websites. I make pretty sites functional, and teach others how to do it too.

Before I became a WordPress developer, I went to school for design.

I could leave it at that, but the truth is I started a degree in Computer Science. I jumped ship to a BFA in Graphic Design when I realised Computer Science wasn’t going to help me build websites. Not that the BFA did either. My degree taught me many things, like art history, traditional art, basic design principles, and other things I can’t remember (and never used). And yet, it didn’t teach me: how to set up hosting, point domains, build the damn thing, you know, actually make it work. So, after all this education, I still didn’t know how to make a well-oiled website. (Well, shit.)

Countless hours on Google, YouTube, testing, tweaking, and trialing every software, platform, and framework out there, I cracked the code on WordPress. Finally, combining the right tools, like Elementor and Flywheel, I could fully commit to WordPress being the platform to build functional sites without compromising aesthetics. Now I’m sharing what I’ve learned with other designers, so they can shave some time and energy off “getting their shit together” and get busy getting hired.

Random answers to questions you didn't ask—but wanted to.

Education: B.F.A. Graphic Design (University of West Florida) 👩🏼‍🎓

Based out of: Pensacola, Florida; soon to be Denver, Colorado 🏔

Doggy! Doggy! Tell me about your doggy: His name is Oscar. Oscar is the best. He’s a slack co-worker, but we all have our flaws. 🐶

So, you’re a big nerd, right? Yes…why? How could you tell? Don’t make me pick my favorite fandom, all nerdery is awesome. (Supernatural, Harry Potter, Hot Wheels, Legos, you name it. I’ll geek out about it with you.) 🤓


*If you’re looking for my professional mumbo jumbo, you can find it over on Linkedin

Some cool shit I've done:

DesignXL Conference

Pensacola Designers

CoderDojo Pensacola

My Car <3

So, how can I help you?

One-on-One Session

1 hour—$100

Are you trying to figure out how to do that thing but don’t know what that thing is called, and Google is not helping? Yeah, been there. This session is for you if you need: technical help, outside perspective, or moral support.


  • 60-minute live Q&A session (via Zoom)
  • Get clarity and get out of your own head
  • Recorded video for you to keep forever

Portfolio Review

1 hour—$100

You hate this option. (And also feel drawn to it.) If you’re struggling to get your stuff online and keep putting it off, start here. It’s uncomfortable, sure. But spinning inside your own head is too. Temporary torture, long term gains.


  • 60-minute live portfolio review session (via Zoom)
  • Remove the stress surrounding your portfolio
  • Recorded video for you to keep forever

You Design, I Build

Timeframe & Cost Varies

You know learning to code isn’t going to kill you, but you have neither the time nor energy to do it. Okay, okay. But here’s the deal—You do the design; I’ll do the build. Deal?


  • Custom WordPress & Elementor website development
  • Focus on what you love: designing!
  • Hosting & maintenance options also available

Looking for something else?

I am curious by nature, a blessing and a curse! If there is something you’re thinking of or searching for on my site that you didn’t find, send me a message! I can’t promise I can help, but I may know someone who can.