What to Include on Your Personal Website

1. A photo of you in your element 📸

At your desk, sketching, painting a mural; whatever it is you do!

This gives people some context into what you do, and what they can hire you for.  

2. An introductory statement 👋

Your name, your title, and what type of work you’re looking for.

i.e. “Greetings, I’m Rachel Zampino! I’m a WordPress developer looking for freelance opportunities.”

Again, informing people on how they can hire you.

3. Your niche: the type of work that you want to do more of 🎯

Ex: “I craft minimal and sustainable packaging products for eco-friendly brands.”

This helps to attract the specific type of clients you want to work with and weeds out the others.

4. A concise list of your main services 📌

Ex: Label Design, Typesetting, Custom Illustration, Handlettering

Your high-level service offerings, things that people even outside of the design industry will understand.

5. A brief bio 📝

Keep it short and sweet. No one wants to hear your life story, except your mom, and she already knows it.

Brag a little about your work experience, and don’t forget to show some personality!

6. Testimonials! 📢

If you don’t have any, start gathering some NOW. And they don’t always have to come from clients, try reaching out to coworkers or colleagues for feedback.

7. How to start a project with you 🤝

Sending an email is pretty standard, but major bonus points if you create a form that is quick & easy for potential clients to fill out.

Make the barrier to entry as low as possible.

8. More ways to engage with you 📲

Add your social links and any other ways to get in contact with you. But remember: quality > quantity.

*This also keeps you top-of-mind on their social feeds, even if they aren’t ready to start a project just yet!

Save this checklist for later, and tag me on your IG stories when you finish it: @therachelzampino 🙂

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