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I’ve tried a lot of tech. I’ve taken a lot of courses—a sucker for testing new and shiny things. Still, when you find something that works, you hold on for dear life.



Elementor is a drag & drop page builder that allows you to design and build your own website!


Beautiful designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

The Ultimate WordPress Setup Checklist

These are the very basics of getting a WordPress site up and running without forgetting any of the little details. This checklist is a simple, printable reference tool.

Favicon Generator

You spent hours on design, colors, graphics… How much time left for the favicon? Probably not much. But no worries, you only need a few minutes to tackle this task.

Facebook | Sharing Debugger

The FB Sharing Debugger lets you preview what your website will look when it’s shared to Facebook and other social platforms.


Use Notion for your project management, meeting notes, to-do lists, journaling, inspiration, grocery lists, and more…all in one place!


(Yes, you read that correctly.) Stop reinventing the wheel every time you need to create a social post, presentation, or simple document; just take a Canva template and tweak it to fit your needs. 

WhatFont | Google Chrome Extension

Simply hover over text on a website, and this extension will tell you the: font, size, weight, color, and more!

ColorZilla | Google Chrome Extension

See a color that you like on a website? Steal its color code easily with this color picker.

GoFullPage | Google Chrome Extension

Instead of limiting yourself to the current window for screenshot, you can screenshot an entire webpage with one click!


Elementor Pro

Create stunning landing pages, design a blog, customize your online store – everything is within reach!

Flywheel | Managed WordPress Hosting

Don’t want to deal with learning the backend? Scared you’re going to break something you don’t know how to fix? Flywheel hides the busy backend and lets you focus on the front, so you’re up and running yesterday. Okay, not really, but you know what I mean.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is my favorite email platform. It allows you to create custom email addresses (i.e., and also gives you access to Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Forms, and more.

Google Domains

A “domain” is the name of your website. It’s what comes after the “www”. Google Domains makes it easy to purchase and maintain whatever domain(s) you desire.


Shift brings all of your email accounts, apps, and workflows together in one streamlined and beautiful platform.

Envato Elements

Focus on creating great design, while speeding up your workflow with templates, mockups, vectors, and more. #worksmarternotharder

Tired of designing social posts? (Me too.) Let PlaceIt do it for you. You can even create ANIMATED posts in just a few clicks!

Mr. Mockup

Mr.Mockup helps creative professionals to showcase their work in the best way possible with unique, professional and clean PSD mockups.


Want to offer custom merch and products to your audience? Check out Printful! It easily syncs up with WordPress + WooCommerce to add custom merch to your website.


A business management platform for everyone. No matter what you do, Dubsado is designed to fit your business.



Want to build an NFT project or a smart contract WITHOUT code?! Me too. Thirdweb can help!

Odyssey DAO

Odyssey DAO is a Web3 learning community helping one million people join the Web3 economy. Learn about web3, blockchain, crypto, smart contracts, NFTs, and more!

NFTs for Newbies

Are you interested in investing or collecting NFTs, but are overwhelmed with all the information? Join Heather and Rich, true NFT newbies, as they break down what they’re learning as they wander unafraid into the world of digital art.

My Fav

Freelance with Janda: The Ultimate Freelance Course

You need this course bundle. I can’t recommend it enough. It has everything you need to run a creative business. Everything. Templates and all. If you’re building a business and you’d like it to be both profitable and enjoyable, get this course. (P.S. Use code SAVE300 to take $300 off!)

Instagram Strategy for Business Growth by Dot Lung

Create content that attracts your target audience. Get your people to like, follow, and share your content with their friends. Oh, and buy things you make.

The Complete Case Study Course by Ben Burns

Your work doesn’t speak for itself. (Wouldn’t it be awesome if it did?) Use this framework to learn how to share your projects and processes. Feel confident showing the world what you do.

*Some of the above tools are affiliate links. I will receive a small portion if you purchase these tools. Thanks for your support!