Crafting a professional online presence for a world-renowned medical institute.

AREF’s mission is to be a leader in the field of musculoskeletal research and education in order to advance the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries and enhance human performance and quality of life for people of all ages.

*My clients have the ability to edit their own websites, so the live version may look a bit different than the mockups below.



AREF was in need of a full website overhaul.

Website content was old and outdated

Brand identity was recently updated, but not yet reflected on the site

Website was clunky, slow, hard to edit, and frequently crashing

Final Sitemap

  • Home
  • Who We Are (Mission/Vision, Overview, Board, Team, Careers & Internships)
  • Research
    • Biomechanics Lab
    • Regenerative Medicine Center
    • Surgical Skills Lab
    • Clinical Trials
    • Publications
  • Education
    • Events & Conferences
      • Injuries in Football Conference
      • Anesthesia Preceptorship
      • Sports Medicine Conference
      • Grand Rounds
      • Innovations in Sports Medicine Conference
      • Rehab Symposium
    • Fellowships
      • Orthopedic Sports Medicine Fellowship
      • Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship
      • Foot & Ankle Fellowship
      • ATC Residency
    • Surgical Skills Lab
  • News
    • Announcements
    • Current Clinical Trials
    • Publications
  • Donate
  • Terms
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact Us
*Outlining the Sitemap is the most important step in building a website!

The end result is a very robust, but clean and streamlined, new website.

We reworked the organization of content on the site to make it easier to navigate and digest

We pulled in all of the new brand elements: logo, fonts, and color palette

We rebuilt the site to make it easy to edit using content blocks and templates



"ZAMP Industries was exceptional to work with. Rachel was able to bring our ideas to life and construct us an outstanding, clean, and prominent website. As a leader in the orthopaedics sports medicine world, Andrews Research & Education Foundation thanks Zamp Industries for the high quality work and making our website come back to life."