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The One-Page Website Bundle will start you off with everything you need to build a professional online presence.

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Minimal design,
maximal function.

Everything you need for your personal brand, all in one place.

  • Portfolio overview & links
  • List of your services
  • About & bio section
  • Testimonials
  • Contact information
  • Social links
  • Customizable link-in-bio page for Instagram
  • “The Perfect Bio” worksheet

Express Yourself.

Upload your own photos, icons, typefaces, and more to make it uniquely YOU.

Grow Your Confidence.

No more being embarrassed about your website. Be proud to send people your link.


With just a few snippets of text, tell people who you are, what you do, and how they can hire you.

Professional Social Links.

This template comes with a "link in bio" page for social media. Direct your audience to quick & easy links to engage with you.

Why a "one-page" website?

Short answer—K.I.S.S: Keep It Simple Stupid.


More pages = more things to overthink, more content to write, and more visuals to prepare.


Start off with an affordable one-page website, which still showcases everything you need, and expand if/when you see fit.

Use this template with the free version of Elementor AND Elementor Pro.

This template works with the free version of Elementor, but can be even better with Elementor Pro!


Benefits of the Pro template:

  • Additional styling and customization options
  • Portfolio gallery widgets
  • Custom contact forms
  • Testimonial carousels
  • “Sticky” scrolling effects
  • and lots more!


P.S. You can get Elementor Pro for less than $5/mo!

customize it to fit your individual style and needs.

...okay, but how does it work?

Upon purchase, you will receive the packaged files. From there, in your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Elementor Templates > Import Templates and upload the two template files.

You can download Elementor for free in the WordPress plugins library.

In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add New and search for Elementor there.

If you are interested in Elementor Pro, you can purchase it here.

I recommend getting started with WordPress via Flywheel.

You can also check out my blog and Youtube channel for more resources…or hire me to help!

This template is compatible with WordPress & Elementor only.

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Your purchase of "The One-Page Website Bundle" will also include "The Perfect Bio" worksheet!

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The One-Page Website Bundle

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