My Story

For those who don’t know me…Hello and welcome! My name is Rachel, and I am currently building a series of courses and templates to help you learn how to build websites!

And not only just HOW to build them…but how to do it properly and efficiently so that you can make lots of $$$ doing it. This series is called “From Zero to Launch”.

From Zero to Launch sprouted from my own personal frustration with the lack of educational resources for learning web tools and frameworks—Wordpress specifically.

I knew from the time I was designing and building Myspace layouts—15 or so years ago—that this was going to be my career path. However, there was no easy way to get there.

I kept on with Myspace through middle school, until they got rid of all their profile customization features. Through high school, there weren’t really any options to continue my web education. Going into college, I knew that I specifically wanted to build websites…but there was no degree path for that. “Web Design” wasn’t even a course that was offered, let alone a full blown degree.

So my options were: Computer Science or Graphic Design. I took the CS route, mostly because I thought I would make more money doing that than with design. [insert spiel about never doing things just for money here] It ended up being a bunch of boring IT-related classes, along with learning programming languages that were more suited for building robust applications and software. They were interesting and gave me a lot of insight, but not what I wanted to learn.

So the next semester, I decided to go full on Graphic Design. It ended up being 95% art, and about 5% “design”. Definitely more in my realm of interest, but still not totally the right fit. For my electives, I threw in some computer sciencey stuff to attempt to get the best of both worlds. Again, still not what I wanted, but it was as close as I was gonna get.

Meanwhile – throughout college, I was learning what I could online…via Codecademy, W3Schools, and just playing around with my own website. At some point, I managed to convince a few people to let me build their websites on WordPress. (Very, very basic websites.) Which is when I realized how powerful of a tool WordPress really is. That was about 8 years ago, and I haven’t strayed from the WordPress gods since.

But it wasn’t all roses from there either. Everything with WordPress was a huge learning curve, and I had to learn everything on the spot. Good ‘ole fashioned trial and error. And there’s a lot more on the line when your client is breathing down your neck. Cue stress and anxiety.

And that is where From Zero to Launch comes in! I never want you guys to have to go through what I did. Late nights, lots of research, lots of code crunching, and stress. Very little resources or people to ask for help…

But now there IS a better, easier, less stressful way: From Zero to Launch. More info coming soon! Sign up on the Home page for news and updates 🙂

Be the person you needed.”

Thanks for reading! :)


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